Cellular (Honeycomb) Blinds

Cell shades are a popular option due to their ability to blend into any décor. When stacked, they are small and out of the way but when down, they provide a translucent or black out covering. They are excellent at blocking cold at night, and come with a continuous cord to raise and lower them so there is no extended cord to step on or be in the way. They can be single cell, double cell, or triple cell and come in sizes from 3/8" to 1 1/4" in hundreds of color textures and patterns to compliment every room.

Fabric Roman Shades & Drapes

At New Song, we have close relationships with many local workrooms and can provide the expertise to cover any opening with one of 250,000 different fabrics and any configuration needed. If you are looking for black-out or sound deadening products, we have you covered. Arch top or theater pull drapes? We are your guys. Shears and café drapes? No problem - we do them all the time. Do you need motorized drapes in the theater or operating with instructions for the HVAC system? 

Commercial Products

New Song Clearview offers a full line of commercial products from solar shades to wood blinds and cellular shades. In most cases, these are products specifically built with commercial environments in mind, not just ramped up residential products. Made from heavier materials than residential products, coupled with commercial quality clutches and operators that are designed to operate in the harshest environments for many years to come.

Usually motorized commercial window covering products will often interface with HVAC and security controls. In many instances, the shades must be controlled by the fire alarm system to raise and allow unfettered access both ingress and egress, or in some cases, drop and help stop the spread of fire. They can operate to keep a building cool or to allow light, or heat entry into a space. Computer controlled, they will move almost constantly to capture or prevent heat or cold as needed. Used effectively during the day, these systems can also lower your carbon footprint by allowing light into the building and reducing the need for interior lighting all the time.

Talk with us about your needs and we will be pleased to provide exactly they system that will best meet your needs, at the best possible cost.

Roller Shades

These are not your mama's roller shades, no spring loaded snapping up here! Our roller shades come in hundreds of beautiful patterns, weaves, styles, and colors. They can be blackout shades for absolute privacy and light control to completely black out a theater room or bedroom. Most roller shades today are actually solar shades to block heat and UV while retaining the beautiful views that drew us all here in the first place. Let New Song help determine the best weave from 99% to 80% and color to work perfectly in your area.

Manually operated shades use a continuous chain cord made from stainless steel or nylon and are available with or without our factory valences to cover the shade in the opening. The valences can be square or rounded and can be extruded aluminum, painted or anodized, or covered with a matching or complementary fabric. Solar shades and many roller shades can be built to almost any size, and are easily motorized with one of a dozen motorization options and more than a dozen control options. Roller shades can be motorized to cover angle top or arch top windows by operating from bottom and traveling up to cover the custom shaped windows. They are about as bulletproof as any window covering can be and most fabrics are not affected by the intense UV in the mountains, meaning they will look as good in 20 years as they do now. Many solar shades are used on the exterior to provide even better protection from heat and UV and even from errant GOLF BALLS, or when the interior design does not lend itself to window coverage.

Often cell shades are used behind other window coverings because of their small stack size to assist in gaining all the qualities and properties the customer may want in their window covering selection. Cell shades can be top down bottom up, meaning they operate both by dropping from the top to the bottom AND can be raised from the bottom to the top for privacy, light and view. Cell shades can be motorized by a wide variety of methods, and can be manufactured in some pretty large sizes. We recently motorized a cell shade that was almost 20' wide and more than 20' long to cover a troublesome opening in a Denver home with a large atrium.

Woven Woods

Woven wood is a more or less generic term for a window covering product that is made from natural grasses, twigs, and other plan materials woven together. Woven wood shades are absolutely beautiful and can range in looks from very delicate grass cloths to a heavily textured fabric containing small diameter branches and twigs woven together with reeds and other grassy materials. New Song has hundreds of patterns and styles from many manufacturers to accommodate any taste and design.

Woven wood shades can be operated with a cord pull, or continuous cord operators and are easily and often motorized. They can be used without a liner and in that case, will act much like a solar shade A privacy liner can be installed to highlight the color and texture of the fabric or to offer additional privacy. A black out liner can be installed to block the sun for a more comfortable sleeping experience. There are woven wood products for every budget and need, and the complexity of the fabric choices are unending and always surprising. They can be built in a standard Roman shade configuration, or a waterfall style, they can be top down bottom, or top down/bottom up only.

We can do that also! If you have your own workroom at home, we are pleased to work with them as well. At New Song, we have worked with designers from almost every state and many countries. New Song is the expert at motorizing your fabric window coverings - from curved drapery tracks to arch top Roman Shades, we can handle any situation. At New Song, we offer hundreds of styles and colors for materials of drapery rods, cord pulls, baton pulls. from custom handmade iron and wood rods to curved and angle top rods and hardware. If you can imagine it, we can build it!


Often called plantation shutters, these are fully framed window coverings that attach onto, or inside your existing opening. Vanes in the shutters can be as small as 2" or as large as 5" and tilt up and down and the shutter itself can swing open for window access. Shutters are often Knotty Alder in the mountains, but can be built in Walnut, Beetle Kill Pine, Oak, Poplar, Bass Wood or virtually any stable species and custom finished to match any décor.

Shutters can be built and installed as "café shutters", meaning they do not go all the way to the top of the window opening. Or they can be made to fit in any shape opening from arches to peaks or any other shape needed. Our shutters are all real wood, no Chinese stuff here, and can have the traditional tilt wand mounted in the center of the shutter on the room side or can use the concealed "ClearView" mechanism that operates on the back side of the shutter - out of sight.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are a fashionable and inexpensive way to cover a window. They look absolutely great in the mountains where most windows have wood trim. Wood blinds tilt to allow the user to direct the amount of light or privacy. We offer slats in Bass Wood, Knotty Alder, select Walnut, Alder, Oak and other wood species, finished in dozens of standard colors, and in several textures and styles. We are happy to match a custom paint or stain to match your existing openings. We have slat sizes from 1 3/8" to 4" wide for that perfect look. All of the wood blinds we offer have the highest quality UV coatings on them, unlike big box or internet blinds that will twist and bend quickly in the intense UV saturation at high altitude. We will only provide the wood blinds with the highest quality internal parts to make certain they will be as trouble-free as possible in any environment. Wood blinds can easily be motorized to tilt only, or to both lift and tilt at the touch of a button.