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At New Song Clearview, motorization is what we do! We can motorize virtually any window covering and can do it in any one of a dozen ways. If you have line voltage already at the motor head, we can use a 220V, 115V, 24V AC or DC, or 12V solution or a combination of those. If you do not have wire at the motor head, we can operate many window coverings with an interior or exterior solar panel, or with "D" cell batteries or even "AAA" or "AA" batteries.

We can operate cell shades, solar shades, roller blinds, wood blinds, silhouettes, drapes, woven woods, roman shades, or almost any blind almost anywhere, with or without wiring.

Motorizing a window covering is one thing, but how do you want to make it move? We can use handheld remotes like your V Clicker, or wired or wireless in wall switches. If you find it more convenient to use your iPad or iPhone, we can do that too! We can add it to most automation systems or use other inputs like sun, light, heat, cold or a timer.

Perhaps it was a cold and cloudy day when you left for work so the window coverings were closed. But the day becomes sunny and warm, a simple touch on your iPhone is all you need to open them up and receive the warmth of the sun.

Perhaps you want to make it look like you are home while away on vacation. Well, we can get you the control of your lights and window coverings from your laptop, tablet, or cell phone from anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection.